Welder Let us help you with welding and fabricating our alloys.

Do you need help with selecting a welding filler metal? The Haynes Welding SmartGuide offers filler metal suggestions for many alloy combinations for use in our corrosion-resistant and high-temperature applications. 

Are you seeking detailed guidance on welding and fabrication?  Check out our Welding and Fabrication section for guidelines on hot-working, cold-working, welding and joining, heat treatment, machining, grinding, and descaling and pickling procedures for HASTELLOY® and HAYNES® high-performance alloys.

Welding SmartGuide Welding and Fabrication

WelderDo you need in-depth knowledge of the corrosion-resistant and/or wear-resistant nickel alloys and cobalt alloys?

This guide is intended to provide materials engineers with a deeper understanding of the metallurgy and performance of those wrought, nickel and cobalt alloys developed to resist aqueous corrosion and/or wear at temperatures below about 800°F. It contains a large amount of information relevant to the chemical process, petrochemical, agrichemical, pharmaceutical, power, and oil/gas industries, including:

Uniform corrosion behavior in a range of aggressive chemical solutions.
Resistance to pitting, crevice corrosion, and stress corrosion cracking.
Resistance to abrasion, erosion, and metal-to-metal sliding wear.

Corrosion Guide