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HAYNES® Alloys

Department: Research and Technology       Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose: 
To provide technical expertise required primarily in the area of high temperature alloys including oxidation/corrosion behavior to enable Haynes International to invent, develop, manufacture, characterize, and promote new alloy products for traditional and emerging markets.  Also to provide technical service and support to Manufacturing, Marketing, Sales, and customers.  

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred) 

B.S. (R) or M.S./Ph.D. (P) in Metallurgy, Materials Science or Related Discipline (e.g., Chemical Engineering)
10 yrs. with B.S. (R) or 0-5 yrs. with advanced degree (P) in primary metals industry or related end user

Areas of Knowledge: 
BASIC: physical metallurgy (R), manufacturing technologies of Ni- and Co-base alloys (R), markets and performance (P) ADVANCED: science of high temperature corrosion (R), thermodynamics (R), computational techniques (P)

Interpersonal communications, technical writing, word processing and spreadsheets (R)

Global Accountabilities for the Role: 
1. Ensure that safe practices, compliant with environmental regulations and company policies, are followed in all personal activities and work requests to the laboratories.
2. Ensure that personal activities are not only supportive of the quality system goals, but also consistent with the overall quality expectations for the R&T department.
3. Comply with productivity measurements and goals established by the Manager of Product Research & Development.
4. Comply with project, travel, and professional activity constraints established within the R&T budget.
5. Effectively track, document, and report the progress and results of assigned technical projects and technical service requests.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1. Assist in the conception of Product R&D projects in the area of high-temperature and corrosionresistant alloys.
2. Plan and execute the tasks required for assigned technical projects in accordance with agreed commitments.
3. Demonstrate innovative skills through the generation of ideas for new or improved hightemperature alloy products.
4. Provide technical expertise regarding high temperature alloys and aqueous corrosion alloys in general, and the high temperature corrosion performance of Haynes' alloys in particular to peers, Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, and customers.
5. Provide timely technical customer support by responding to email; and telephone inquiries for assistance, participating in on and off-site customer meetings (as directed), and conduct assigned failure analyses.
6. Assist the Manager of Product R&D in technology "gate-keeping" in the areas of high-temperature Ni-and Co-base alloys.
7. Represent Haynes International at technical meetings, customer visits, and outside research consortia as required.

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