Department: 4-Hi Roller           Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
To operate the 4Hi Mill, direct the crew to maintain an effective, professional operation and meet our customers’ needs while maintaining the priorities of safety, quality, productivity, and cost.

Role Qualifications: (Required & P referred)

High School diploma or GED (R), 2-4 Years College (P).

1-3 years of manufacturing experience (R), Rolling mill experience (P).

Areas of Knowledge:
Safety, Health & Environment (R), Labor Relations (R), Knowledge of Rolling Mill (P), Knowledge of Alloys (P).

Written and Oral Communication (R), Organizational skills (R), Leadership (R), Computer Skills (R), Interpersonal Relationships (R), Mechanical Aptitude (P), 5S (R).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:
  • Safety/Environmental: Follow and communicate safety and environmental policies to all employees.
  • Quality: Understand and follow all SOPs and rolling schedules. Make suggestions to improve product quality.
  • Productivity: Operate the mill effectively while achieving weekly and monthly production goals.
  • Cost/Stewardship: Operate efficiently and utilize the workforce in a productive and cost effective manner.

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1. Safety, Health, and Environment: Effectively communicate and ensure compliance with company policies and procedures, Job Safety Analysis (JSAs), Lockout/Tagout/Try procedures, Confined space entry procedures, the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), and Environmental policies.
2. Labor Relations: Effectively communicate and ensure compliance with plant rules. Understand and follow the contract.
3. Equipment Knowledge: Understand how the equipment operates. Understand the computer controlled rolling schedules.
4. Product Knowledge: Understand the theory of rolling and the effect of heating and rolling schedules.
5. Management: Assist the Supervisor in planning and scheduling the equipment to maximize production.