The Home of HASTELLOY® and HAYNES® Alloys

Location:  Mountain Home, North Carolina              Department: Plant /Office

Business Purpose:
To safely lead, direct and monitor production operation processes for the timely manufacture of customer orders which best utilizes available resources and facilitates a high level of customer service. Support corporate policies, procedures and guidelines while meeting company goals and objectives.  Enhance the culture of the operations by developing ideas, driving change and leading continuous improvement projects. Improve existing operational performance by identifying potential problems and points of friction while working to find solutions in order to maximize efficiency. Contribute operational information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews. Prepare and complete action plans, implement production, productivity, quality and customer-service standards; resolve problems; complete audits; identify and implement projects to improve operations.

Role Qualifications: Required & Preferred)

Bachelor's Degree or equivalent education and experience (R) Bachelor Degree in Engineering or related technical discipline with manufacturing management experience in metals industry (P).

5+ years industrial mfg. production/supervision experience (R).

Areas of Knowledge:
Primary metals & metallurgy (P), Supervision (R).   

Interpersonal Relationships, Written & Oral Communication, Organization, Computer Literacy, Problem Solving (R), Leadership (R) Multitasking (R). Culture Enhancement (R) Continuous Improvements (R) Project Implementation and Management (R).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:
  • Safety in all procedures at all times.
  • Quality in every task to an appropriate level.
  • Communication with colleagues and supervisors.
  • Cross-Functional interaction with all departments.
  • Priority setting to optimize company objectives.
  • Problem solving within the role to meet company objectives.
  • Process knowledge used in the job function.
  • Productivity to furnish results in accordance with tasks assigned.
  • Stewardship to protect all the company’s assets, both physical and human.
  • Cost effectiveness.
Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
  1. Manage the production processes to operate efficiently. Meet order and customer commitments while maintaining timely deliveries per published schedule.
  2. Coordinate production levels required to meet product sales.
  3. Monitor and improve equipment downtime to ensure maximum operation capability.
  4. Coordinate facility maintenance and upgrades with minimum production interruptions.
  5. Audit the supervisor' s performance to ensure company safety, quality and production goals are being met.
  6. Monitor and update product flow capacity and identify capacity restraints, both manpower and machine that will restrict order flow in relation to published schedules.
  7. Develop and evaluate production performance. Monitor staff and machines to provide operating control, information feedback to production planning and control management. Analyze and correct schedule adherence problems.
  8. Participate in making decisions that affect production capacity, such as major maintenance outages. Propose planning alternatives to mitigate the effect of outages or other issues that would impact production capacity.
  9. Coordinate with production planning to respond to the changing requirements for material which isn't suitable for the original destination by adjusting the product flow direction.
  10. Insure that all personnel within the production processing group are trained and able to demonstrate a serious attitude toward safety in the workplace.
  11. Champion new projects including continuous improvement.
  12. Enhance the existing culture through project development and implementation of new ideas and continuous improvements.