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Location: Arcadia, LA    Department: Engineering

Business Purpose:
We have an immediate opening for a Hastelloy Process Engineer in Arcadia, LA. The purpose of the Hastelloy Process Engineer is to develop, design, and cost new processes. Provide Manufacturing support to ensure process quality. Gain a basic tooling knowledge of all facility mills. Understand equipment capabilities and operational aspects. Utilize cost effective management of inventories to support customer needs, support/improve on-time deliveries, and increase inventory turns. Recommend and support capital projects. Has basic knowledge of reading and designing mechanical drawings. Support Lean Manufacturing and utilize SPC techniques / controls. Develop and support team concepts to improve equipment uptime, performance, and quality.

Role Qualifications: (Required) & (Preferred)

BS Metallurgy / Mechanical or Industrial Engineer (R), Industrial Processes or Equivalent experience (P).     

3 - 5 years experience in metal processing (P), 2 year Metal tubular process experience (P).

Areas of Knowledge:
Safety (R), Metallurgy (P), Metal processes (P), SPC procedures & principles (P), CAD (P) Lean Manufacturing Techniques (P).

Computer Literacy in Microsoft Office Applications (R), Proven Communication Written & Verbal (R), Simultaneous Task Execution (R).

Global Accountabilities for the Role:
  • Safety: Establish and maintain a clean, safe work environment, assure processes specified follow best safety practices.
  • Environmental: Give full support to the function, interactions of the managements systems subscribed to by the facility (i.e. AS 9100, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001).
  • Quality: Completing all accountabilities professionally and accurately maintain, effective cross functional communications and relationships, and providing timely input to the direct manager.
  • Productivity: Improve bottleneck areas of processes to achieve capacity and enhance efficiency in a timely manner.
  • Costs: Optimize resources and time, report ways to improve cost effectiveness of the tubular manufacturing organization.
Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
  1. Processes: Develop / support processes for manufacturing orders of tubular products. Support / improve standard operating practices to produce quality and cost effective products.
  2. Metallurgical: Develop metallurgical knowledge and understanding for processing Hastelloy and Titanium alloys.
  3. Recoveries: Support Manufacturing and report on material processing issues to Operations. Develop and implement recommendations for process changes as required to optimize quality.
  4. Standard Routings: Design, develop, and maintain standard product routings in Process outline system. Recommend, develop, and communicate updates on rates and efficiencies in support of costing systems.
  5. Safety/Environmental: Ensure all processes and procedures comply with safety and environmental practices.
  6. Tooling: Gain practical understanding of tooling designs for all facility mills. Support and recommend tooling improvements to enhance quality, tool life, and increased production efficiencies/yields. Develop and maintain electronic drawings as necessary.
  7. Specifications: Interpret and apply specifications when designing processes, ensure material is in conformance with all customer requirements, and internal practices/procedures are followed.
  8. Lean / Six Sigma / SPC: Utilize monitoring techniques and controls to assure processes are centered and reliable by removing causes of defects and variability. Coordinate and exercise functional authority for planning, organization, control, integration, and completion of assigned Lean activities which includes final presentation reporting activities.
  9. Capital Expenditures: Identify, evaluate and recommend long term investments for the continuous renewal and renovation of the facility by proving return on investment opportunities through cost benefit analysis.
  10. Operations: Support operations by continuous improvements of equipment performance, up-time, quality, and efficiencies. Research, recommend, and implement new equipment technologies / improvements.
  11. Travel: Required when establishing and developing new products and/or customer relationships.
  12. Time Management: Prioritize tasks such that safety, quality, and production demands are met in a timely manner without interruption or impact to schedule demands.
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