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Department:  Production Planning                    Location:  Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
Supervise and coordinate the planning, provisioning, and timely manufacturing of customer orders; which best utilizes available resources and facilitates customer service, while meeting company plans and goals.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred) 

(R) BS/BA in related field; such as Accounting, Business, Supervision, Engineering, or equivalent experience .

(P) 5-10 years’ experience in Planning, Manufacturing, Warehousing, or Engineering 

Areas of  Knowledge: 
Supervision (P), Scheduling (P), Planning and Estimating (R), Manufacturing or Warehousing (P), Dynamics AX System Knowledge (P), APICS (P), Material Resource Planning (P)

Typing or Keyboarding (R), Windows based software (R), Organization (R), Strong Communication (listen, oral, and written) (R), Excellent Math skills or Complex Provisioning (R)

Global Accountabilities for the Role:

  • Safety/Environmental: Establish and maintain a safe and ergonomic work environment and work habits
  • Quality: Complete all areas of accountability with professionalism and accuracy in prescribed time frames while always being mindful of resource allocations and inventory turns.
  • Productivity: Analyze and streamline areas of accountability to reduce wasted time and effort.
  • Cost/Stewardship: Plan for best recovery, yet balanced for maximum inventory turns and review inventory obsolescence

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1.    Monitor and insure that backlog integrity, for all areas, is 100% accurate at all times.
2.    Monitor and insure that planning deck, for all areas, is 100% accurate.  Insure all areas are handling changes, shippers, cancellations, and back orders in timely, effective and efficient manner.
3.    Monitor open order files, in all areas, for accuracy and that they mirror backlog and planning deck. 4.    Monitor and coordinate semi-finished FDSK routings to insure delivery integrity for final routings.
5.    Monitor and coordinate planning to insure proper orders are started timely in an effort to effectively and efficiently utilize available and in process material.
6.    Manage and monitor inventory accuracy between system and actual (scrapped material physically scrapped, pounds issued accurately, etc.) 
7.    Basic managerial functions to include, but not limited to; tracking and monitoring sick, vacation, extended hours, as well as taking action to correct problems and encourage outstanding performance.  All performance evaluations completed by due date, including in depth interview with staff member.  Develop  and maintain plan to conduct regular meetings with staff.  Meeting topics to include, but not limited to safety, quality, and productivity.
8.    Track individual production on daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis.  Compare and contrast to past performance, available material and late starts, and product and function mix.
9.    Develop, maintain, and utilize training matrix for all planning areas.  Use for all new staff, as well as; cross training existing staff.
10.  Develop, organize, and maintain one planning guide to be used universally for all areas.  To include, but not limited to formula, machine min/max capabilities, charts densities, lead-times, work center machine list, outside conversion source parameters, product form types, alpha codes, machine operation times, mill order prefixes, etc.
11.   Develop, implement, and monitor plan to cross train planners in all areas (long term).
12.   Develop at least two staff members for each area to be capable of handling daily planning, routing, and departmental tasks (main person and one back up (short term).
13.   Work to continuously to improve production planning practices, system and methods used by finish products planning group.
14.   Coordinate the product reviews answered and referred.  Material should be turned around in two days or less from the point of receiving an answer.
15.   Responsible for the accurate control of certification process working with engineering and the certification department to provide and support the Haynes quality system requirements.

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