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Haynes International, Inc. announces development of HAYNES® 244® alloy.

by Kierstin Kaim | Nov 30, 2016

KOKOMO, IN, September 20, 2011 – Haynes International, Inc. (Nasdaq: HAYN) is pleased to announce the development of HAYNES® 244® alloy. This alloy has an excellent combination of high temperature strength, low thermal expansion behavior, thermal stability, and good oxidation resistance at temperatures up to 1400°F (760°C). This Ni–Mo-Cr-W alloy achieves superior strength through an aging heat treatment. Tensile and creep properties exceed those of HAYNES® 242® alloy. The thermal expansion of 244® alloy is lower than that of 242® alloy, as well as of other commercial low expansion superalloys. This new 244® alloy exhibits excellent ductility and forging characteristics. Potential uses include applications in aircraft and industrial gas turbines, including seamless forged rings and cases. HAYNES® 244® alloy will become available for commercial sale upon completion of additional process developments. The alloy is being manufactured in several product forms, including billet, bar, and plate. Material will be available for trial evaluation as manufacturing progresses. Please contact Dr. Keith Kruger at (765) 456- 6098 or for more information.

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