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Department: Production Testing & Machining         Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
The primary purpose of this role is to supervise the production machine shop personnel to ensure production test specimens are machined in accordance with all internal and external standards, specifications and practices while maintaining an acceptable level of productivity.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

High School Diploma or GED with 4 or more years of Management or Supervisory experience (R) Associates degree in Supervision, Management or Related Field with 2 or more years of Management or Supervisory Experience (P)

Areas of Knowledge:
Blueprint reading (P); Tooling (P); CNC programming (P); Cutting (P); Grinding (P); Turning (P); Milling (P); EDM (P); Industrial safety (R); Industry standards (Nadcap, ASTM, AMS, GE, Pratt and etc.) (P); Environmental waste man-agement (R); Haynes quality systems (P); Haynes material flow (P); Labor relations (R); Statistical data analysis (R); Micro/Macro analysis (P); Bend and hardness testing (P); Mechanical testing (P); Specimen preparation (P);Manu- facturing & Testing Flow and Sample Operations (P); Spreadsheet and Database (P); Calibration Requirements (P).

Mathematical (R); Organizational (R); Communication—both oral and written (R); Intermediate computer (R); Leadership (R); Time management (R); Conflict resolution/discipline (R); Process development, evaluation and improvement (R); Analytical (R); Problem solving (R); Writing (R); Measuring instruments (R); Planning (R); Auditing (P); Write and revise practices (R); Data analysis (R); First aid/CPR/AED (P); SPC (P)

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1. Ensures the appropriate safety documentation is being maintained. This includes, but is not limited to, JSAs, LOTO procedures, fork truck and golf cart checklists, safety observations, daily safety talks, monthly safety audits and monthly safety meetings. Attend the monthly supervisor safety meeting. Enforce proper use of PPE. Conduct accident investigations. Oversee the 5S program.
2. Supervises staff in area of responsibility
3. Reviews specimen preparation (machining) requirements
4. Ensures production machine shop calibrations are conducted prior to expiration
5. Conducts formal reviews of, writes/revises quality documents for and trains direct reports on specifications, customer requirements, industry standards and Nadcap requirements
6. Optimizes existing machining practices for improvements in capability, quality and efficiency.
7. Develops and implements new processes: equipment purchase recommendations, tooling requirements and equipment validation.
8. Ensures documented procedures are being followed and proper documentation is completed/maintained
9. Ensures sample tracking is being monitored by direct reports
10. Prioritizes and maintains workflow through the testing process: production machine shop, metallurgical control laboratory and mechanical test laboratory.
11. Maintains accurate timekeeping: schedules and approves timecards in Kronos and balances hours between Kronos and shopfloor
12. Schedules, maintains and posts overtime to meet production demands in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.
13. Maintains spreadsheets and performs statistical evaluation to detect testing trends
14. Monitors and coordinates information only testing.
15. Coordinates all bright annealing and cap line testing to maintain Nadcap accreditation
16. Enters all Nadcap information for mechanical testing in the QTC system
17. Deletes tests in computer system per Product Review answers
18. Reviews all Product Reviews answers to remain in compliance with all standards
19. Makes suggestions for alternatives to Product Review answers
20. Conducts final auditing of test data for compliance to specification and customer requirements and initiates action as warranted
21. Communicate customers’ needs to direct reports
22. Works with the production machine shop personnel to improve the robustness of the machining process
23. Ensures production machine shop preventive maintenance is performed in accordance with documented procedures
24. Maintains production machine shop activities (e.g. procedures, equipment, trained personnel, etc.) in accordance with all internal quality system requirements and all external accreditation mandates (e.g. ISO, NADCAP, etc.).
25. Effectively leads all internal and external quality audits of the production machine shop
26. Conducts self-audits for the Nadcap specimen preparation checklist
27. Prepares all direct reports for the Nadcap and other audits
28. Fields all machining questions from customers (internal and external).
29. Respectfully and professionally holds direct reports accountable for meeting their commitments and for working at a level of effectiveness required for the role by ensuring compliance to the plant rules and handling disciplinary situations.
30. Approves and maintains vendors for the Approved Vendors’ list (AVL) for production testing
31. Coordinates activities to meet priorities: production, engineering studies, lean six-sigma projects, research and development and etc.
32. Enters purchase orders for supplies.
33. Provide guidance and mentoring to direct reports
34. Possess a solid understanding of the processes, procedures, and equipment used throughout the production machine shop, mechanical test lab and metallurgical test lab
35. Performs all machining test method audits
36. Maintains and expands production machine shop qualifications
37. Answers nonconformances and implements action
38. Maintains Nadcap specimen preparation checklist, equipment list and figures
39. Assist in other areas, as directed

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