The Home of HASTELLOY® and
HAYNES® Alloys

Location:      Arcadia, LA                                                   Department:    Manufacturing

Business Purpose: 
To provide production-related and administrative task support to the supervising Process Engineer; To assist (as directed by the supervising Engineer) in providing technical support to Manufacturing and Quality in aspects of process monitoring/control, quality control, test sampling; and to work weekends as necessary to support business needs.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

A.S. in Engineering/Industrial Technology/Supervision/other (R); B.S./B.A. in Engineering or Engineering/Industrial Technology/Supervision/Other (P)

1-3 years with A.S./B.S. or other degree, in a manufacturing/processing environment (P)

Areas of Knowledge: 
Manufacturing processes and equipment (P) Mechanical Technology (P), Mechanical or Lab experience (P).

Organization, effective communications both written & verbal (R), Computer Literacy in Microsoft Office Applications (R), Math Proficiency (R); First Aid, CPR (P).

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1. Observation of Manufacturing Processes: At the direction of the supervising Engineer, monitor processes, equipment, and product to assess conformance to SOP’s, QCI’s, and Routings. Observe and identify opportunities for process improvements to improve equipment uptime, increase yields, rates and efficiencies.
2. Systems: Learn and use the required systems and procedures for accomplishing tasks including Shop Floor System, Product Review procedure, AX, MS Office tools, and any others as directed by the supervising Engineer.
3. Communication: Clearly provide process quality feedback to Engineering, Manufacturing, and Production Control.
4. Engineering Daily Tasks. Assist Process Engineers with completion of daily tasks. Gain proficiency in established procedures for accomplishing daily tasks. Collect information from the shop floor as needed by engineering staff to assist in dispositioning of non-conforming material and improvement of work flow.
5. Safety/Environmental: Ensure that processes and procedures comply with environmental requirements and follow best safety practices.
6. Relations: Conduct duties professionally, ethically, and consistently. Recognize responsibilities based on organizational structure, and communicate/cooperate with appropriate individuals.
7. Metallurgical: Develop metallurgical knowledge and understanding for processing Hastelloy® and Titanium alloys.

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