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Department: Production Testing & Machining             Location: Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
The primary purpose of this role is to conduct microstructure preparation activities in accordance with all internal and external standards, specifications and practices in support of the manufacturing operation. Additionally, this role will conduct macro etching and evaluation, hardness testing, heat treating, and bend testing. This role will report to the Metallurgical Laboratory Supervisor and will work under the guidance of the Metallurgical Laboratory Metallographers.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

AS or 2 years of college course work, specifically in a science or technical area with 0 Experience (R), or High School Diploma or GED with 3 years of continuous work experience in any occupation (R).

Areas of Knowledge:
Safe Chemical Handling (P); Industrial Safety (P); Industrial Equipment (P); Manufacturing & Testing Flow (P); Sample Operations (P); Spreadsheet and Database (P); Heat treating and Furnace Operation (P); Sample Preparation (P); Laboratory Operations (P); Quality Systems, Specifications and Standards (P); Macro Preparation and Evaluation (P); Micro Preparation (P); Hardness Testing (P); Bend testing (P); Material and Laboratory Work Flow (P); Haynes Specific Computer (P); Calibration (P); Metallurgy (P); and Metallography (P).


Analytical (R), Communication--Both Oral and Written (R); Time Management (R); Problem Solving (R); Computer (R), Mathematical (R); Measuring Instruments (P); Organizational (R); Planning (R); Data Analysis (P); SPC (P); First Aid/CPR/AED (P); and Ability to Follow Instructions—Written and Verbal (R).

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1. Attends the daily tool box talks. Uses proper PPE. Maintains a positive safety attitude. Demonstrates good housekeeping practices.
2. Generates test sheets and assigns test numbers to samples. Contacts appropriate individual when problems arise regarding testing issues.
3. Follows documented procedures and SOPs.
4. Comprehends specifications and possess a thorough awareness of why things are done.
5. Makes suggestions for improvement of existing practices.
6. Performs microstructure preparation activities, macro etching and evaluation, hardness testing, heat treating, and bend testing.
7. Tracks and reports on testing activities as assigned.
8. Accepts training when offered and accepts change.
9. Effectively participates in all internal and external audit activities of the Metallurgical Laboratory.
10. Enters tests results into the computer and is cognizant of values entered to identify potential trends.
12. Follow priorities set forth by others and coordinates activities to meet the priorities.
13. Ensures maintenance and calibration are current on all equipment used.
14. Scraps out material as directed.
15. Follows direction of Product Reviews.
16. Identifies and tracks down missing samples.
17. Contacts supervisor or maintenance department, as soon as possible, when equipment goes down. Continues contact until equipment is repaired.
18. Contacts the supervisor, maintenance department and/or calibrations standards lab when equipment is nearing recalibration date.
19. Maintains log books as required: macros, heat treatment, hardness checks, nuclear and etc.
20. Organizes and maintains all test sheets per the QCI.
21. Performs PM on equipment in compliance with documented procedures.
22. Plans activities to complete assignments as quickly as possible or to meet an established timeframe.
23. Performs other activities, as assigned.

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