The Home of HASTELLOY® and
HAYNES® Alloys

Location:  Kokomo, IN              Department:  Manufacturing Engineering

Business Purpose:
To have a technically educated person responsible for assigned manufacturing processes to ensure that Haynes is capable of producing metallurgically sound products that meet the external and customer specifications.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

BS Engineering (R) Materials Science or Metallurgical (P) or other Engineering specialty (R)

0-3 yrs.  Will consider recent graduate

Areas of Knowledge:
Basic materials science, (R) Ni and Co based Superalloy Metallurgy, (P) Wrought Manufacturing Processes (P); Mechanical and Chemistry Testing, Statistical Process Control (P)

Skills: Leadership, organization, communication/technical writing, math/analytical skills, SPC, computer skills (R)

Specific Accountabilities for the Role: 
1. Manufacturing Processes Control: 
(a) Provide daily technical support to our internal and external Mfg. processes to meet our monthly  production goals.
(b) Identify control parameters in assigned areas and monitor these for material response to reduce scrap/rework and other off-quality trends. 
(c) Maintain trending data for key process characteristics. 
(d) Utilize computer systems, i.e., Shop floor, MARS extractor, Charge Cal, etc., in daily work, for data analysis, and trending.                     

2.Quality Systems:  
(a) Disposition quality and/or metallurgical product reviews in a timely manner
(b) Maintain trending on material issues related to product reviews 
(c) Maintain and develop Standard Operating Practices / Quality Control Instructions as needed. 

3.Process Metallurgy:  
(a) Demonstrate an understanding of composition and metallurgy in daily activities.
(b) Provide metallurgical support to ensure the product meets the specification requirements.
(c) Provide Marketing/Sales/Customer with relevant metallurgical and process information as requested.

4.Processes Used:  
(a) Utilize the Process Deviation System to initiate and summarize improvement trials.
(b) Work as directed on process planning for special projects.
(c) Identify and analyze metallurgical sampling data for demonstrating process capability.

(a) Summarize monthly input for the Manager – Mfg. Engineering monthly report in a timely manner, 
(b) Communicate, as necessary, material processing information to all colleagues and key cross-functional relationships.

(a) Conduct daily duties in an effective and professional manner

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