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Location: Mountain Home, NC          Department: Maintenance

Business Purpose:
Haynes Wire Company has an opening for a Maintenance Manager. The purpose of this position is to safely and effectively lead, direct and motivate all personnel within assigned/responsible area; to follow established corporate policies, procedures, and guidelines; and deliver consistent results to the customer, both internal and external.  Responsible for all buildings, grounds, equipment and machinery.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred) 

Associates Degree or equivalent education and experience in maintenance/industrial environment (R), Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in manufacturing maintenance capacity (P)

3-5 years in heavy manufacturing or maintenance (R) 2 year’s supervision experience (P)

Areas of Knowledge:
Primary metal working equipment (P), Safety Health & Environmental(R), Supervision (R), Manufacturing Environmental (R) Blueprint reading (R) Basic maintenance, electrical skills (R)

Interpersonal Communication, OSHA training, computer literacy, (R), Preventative/predictive maintenance (R) Effective management/leadership (R).

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
1. Effectively communicate and train staff on company policies, procedures, safety, health and environmental requirements.  Conduct departmental meetings to ensure efficient operations and safety practices.
2. Monitor and ensure maintenance procedures meet production requirements for uninterrupted operations.
3. Set, control and monitor department allocation of resources, schedules and work lists daily.
4. Supervise maintenance staff and minimize overtime while meeting department goals.
5. Ensure safety and quality requirements are met through cross training and effective utilization of department resources.
6. Diagnose problems and recommend solutions by working with internal and external suppliers and contractors.  Direct contracted resources for construction, repair and services.
7. Develop, implement and maintain a Preventative Maintenance program.
8. Monitor and review maintenance employee training matrix documentation annually.  Update as necessary.  Review for employee training needs and opportunities to effectively develop and train employees.
9. Understand and accept the concept of 24-hour accountability. 
10. Other projects and duties as required.

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