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Location: Kokomo, Indiana      Department: Labor Relations

Business Purpose:
Assist Sr. Manager Labor Relations in administration of collective bargaining agreement and related responsibilities; specific emphasis placed on assisting with grievance and arbitration procedure, responding to information requests, maintaining past practice history, assistance in responding to administrative agencies, and coordination and assistance in preparing for roundtables; perform additional functions in labor relations as needed.

Role Qualifications: (Required & Preferred)

Associates Degree (R); Bachelor of Science/Arts Degree (P)

Minimum three to five years experience in management side labor relations with specific emphasis on grievance and arbitration procedures (R)

Areas of Knowledge:
Knowledge and understanding of labor relations and the administration of collective bargaining agreements (R)

Strong organizational skills (R); Ability to multi-task (R); Proficiency in Microsoft Office both Word and Excel (P); ability to make decisions and work under pressure, strong communication skills (R)

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:
 1. Coordinate, organize and maintain grievance files;
 2. Assist in preparation for arbitration hearings;
 3. Assist in preparation for third steps of grievance procedure;
 4. Assist with preparation for contract negotiations;
 5. Create and maintain past practice history log;
 6. Assist in preparing responses to information requests received from Union;
 7. Maintain information request response log;
 8. Conduct investigations;
 9. Assist in scheduling, preparing for and presenting material in "Round Tables";
 10. Specific labor relations project assignments;
 11. Assist in preparing responses to administrative agency filings (NLRB; EEOC; IDWD; etc.);
 12. Organize and maintain labor relations files;
 13. Be available to answer/respond to labor relations questions/issues as they arise when Sr. Manager  Labor Relations is not available.

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