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Department:  Production Control         Location:  Kokomo, IN

Business Purpose:
To coordinate the quoting, order entry, routing, scheduling, and processing of toll conversion orders. To assist the Conversion Manager in the coordinating of resources through outside conversion. Schedule and monitor production performance of the timely manufacturing of customer orders, while best utilizing available outside resources. Facilitate customer service while meeting corporate plans and goals. To assist the Primary Products Manager in the creation of melt routings. To assist Primary Products Manager in scheduling and acknowledge new order entry.

Role Qualifications: Required & Preferred)

BA/BA in related field such as Accounting, Business, Supervision, or Engineering, or equivalent experience – P Strong Computer Skills - R

2 - 5 years experience in Planning, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Shipping or Engineering - P,

1 or more years office environment, preferably in Inventory Management, Routing and/or Product Structure- R

Areas of Knowledge:
Supervision – P; Scheduling – P; Planning – R; Manufacturing or Warehousing – P

Software/keyboard skills – R; Planning and Estimating – R; Organization – R; Strong communications (listening, written and oral) necessary to interact with Manufacturing, Sales, and Peers – R; Excellent math skills for complex provisioning – R

Specific Accountabilities for the Role:

1. Develop cost and lead-time information to quote toll conversion customers

2. Complete sales order entry, planning and routing for toll conversion processing

3. Provide status updates as required for toll conversion customers

4. Assist Primary Products Manager in Melt Scheduling and acknowledge new order entry

5. Develop cost and lead-time information from outside vendors

6. Assist in generating complete and accurate information and instructions to prepare purchase orders, and copy Process Engineering as required

7. Audit and authorize invoice payment

8. Provide guidance and prioritize work for OSC vendors as necessary

9. Provide outside conversion status updates as required

10. Coordinate timely and cost efficient shipping of material both to and from vendors

11. Create and audit Melt Routings

12. Ensure all customers, both internal and external, are responded to in a timely manner

13. Identify and monitor corrective actions taken to rectify problems and improve the quality of performance

14. Continuously improve the production planning practices, systems and methods to enhance overall Corporate performance with regard to customer measured delivery integrity and service

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