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Corrosion-resistant Alloys

HASTELLOY® B-3® Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® C-4 Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® C-22HS® Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® G-30® Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® G-35® Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® Alloy Brochure 
HASTELLOY® N Alloy Brochure
ULTIMET® Alloy Brochure

Corrosion-resistant Alloy Fabrication

B-3® Alloy Welding Data 
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Welding Data
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Welding Data
HASTELLOY® G-30® Alloy Welding Data
ULTIMET® Alloy Welding Guidelines
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Welding Guide

Corrosion-resistant Alloy Applications

HASTELLOY® C-22® & C-276 Alloys in Saturated Wet Chlorine
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy for HCl in Semiconductor Manufacturing
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy for Cryogenic Bellows in the Space Shuttle
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy for Hazardous Waste Treatment
Materials for Solving Corrosion Problems in Hazardous Waste Treatment
High Performance Alloys for Seawater Service

Corrosion-resistant Alloy General Information

Nickel Alloys for Corrosive Environments

Corrosion-resistant Alloy Technical Data

HASTELLOY® B-3® Alloy Hydrobromic Acid 
HASTELLOY® B-3® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid
HASTELLOY® B-3® Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® B-3® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-4 Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-4 Alloy Sulfuric Acid
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Hydrobromic Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Nitric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-22® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Hydrobromic Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Nitric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-276 Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Hydrobromic Acid
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Hydrofluoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Nitric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® C-2000® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HASTELLOY® G-30® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid
HASTELLOY® G-30® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HASTELLOY® G-35® Alloy Hydrobromic Acid 
HASTELLOY® G-35® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HASTELLOY® G-35® Alloy Nitric Acid
HASTELLOY® G-35® Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® G-35® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® Alloy Hydrobromic Acid 
HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HASTELLOY® HYBRIC-BC1® Alloy Nitric Acid 
HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
HASTELLOY® HYBRID-BC1® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
ULTIMET® Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
ULTIMET® Alloy Nitric Acid 
ULTIMET® Alloy Phosphoric Acid 
ULTIMET® Alloy Sulfuric Acid 

High-temperature Alloys

HAYNES® 25 Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 75 Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 188 Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 214® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 230® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 242® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 263 Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 282® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 556® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 617® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 625 Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 625SQ® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® 718 Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® HR-120® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® HR-160® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® HR-224® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® HR-235™ Alloy Brochure 
MULTIMET® Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® NS-163® Brochure
HAYNES® R-41 Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® S Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® W Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® Waspaloy Alloy Brochure
HASTELLOY® X Alloy Brochure
HAYNES® X-750 Alloy Brochure

High-temperature Alloy Fabrication

HAYNES® 214® Alloy Welding Information
HAYNES® 556® Alloy Universal High-temperature Alloy Welding Material

High-temperature Alloy Applications

Haynes International Gas Turbine Alloys
Haynes International Aerospace Alloys
HAYNES® 230® Alloy for Nitric Acid Catalyst Grids & Baskets Tech Brief
HAYNES® 230® Alloy for Gas Turbine & Aerospace Applications Tech Brief
HAYNES® 230® Alloy for Expansion Bellows Tech Brief
HAYNES® 230® Alloy for Cyclone Separators Tech Brief
HAYNES® 230® Alloy for Power Plant Applications Tech Brief
HAYNES® 230® Alloy for High Strength Furnace Components Tech Brief
HAYNES® 230® & HR-120® Alloys for Light Weight Vacuum Furnace Heat Treat Baskets Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Waste Incineration Components Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Rotary Calciners Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Pulp & Paper Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Hot-Dip Galvanizing Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for High-temperature Chemical Processes Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Industrial Heating Applications Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for High-Speed Furnace Fans Tech Brief
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Molten Salt Bath Heat Treat Baskets Tech Brief
HAYNES® 214® Alloy Hot-working Technical Information
HAYNES® 556® Alloy for Fossil Energy System Applications Tech Brief
HAYNES® HR-160® Alloy for Severely Sulfidizing Environments Tech Brief
HAYNES® HR-160® Alloy Applications in Waste Incinerators Tech Brief
HAYNES® 242® Alloy for Gas Turbine & Aerospace Applications Tech Brief
HAYNES® 242® Alloy for High-temperature Fluorine-Bearing Environments Tech Brief
HAYNES® 242® Alloy for Plastics Production & Processing Tech Brief
High-temperature Alloys for Thermocouple Protection Tubes Tech Brief
High-temperature Alloys for Heat Exchangers / Recuperators Tech Brief
High-Strength Fabricated Refractory Anchors Tech Brief
High-temperature Alloys for Industrial Applications
High-temperature Alloys for Incineration Applications

High-temperature Alloy Technical Data

Oxidation Resistance of High-temperature Alloys
Thermal Stability of High-temperature Alloys
Carburization, Nitriding & Chloride Salt Resistance of High-temperature Alloys
Sulfidation & Chlorine Environment Resistance of High-temperature Alloys
Design Thinner with 230® alloy Tech Brief
High-temperature Alloy Technical Paper Guide
HAYNES® 625 Alloy Hydrobromic Acid 
HAYNES® 625 Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HAYNES® 625 Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
HAYNES® HR-235™ Alloy Hydrochloric Acid 
HAYNES® HR-235™ Alloy Nitric Acid 
HAYNES® HR-235™ Alloy Sulfuric Acid 
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