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Haynes International, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of HAYNES® NS-163® alloy, an alloy that brings a new level of high-temperature alloy performance at temperatures up to 2200°F (1204°C). HAYNES® NS-163® alloy is a wrought cobalt-based alloy (Co–28Cr–21Fe–9Ni–1.25Ti–1Nb) for use in sheet and wire forms. Not only is this alloy fully fabricable and weldable, it achieves a level of stress-rupture strength that approaches the capabilities of the oxide-dispersion strengthened (ODS) alloys. This capability is developed through a unique new heat treatment under nitrogen which imparts a through-thickness dispersion-strengthening phase in the final part at thicknesses up to 0.100” (2.5 mm). This fabricable alloy achieves strengths that are unparalleled in any other wrought alloy product available today.

NS-163 alloy -- Production sheet-0.08in thick Condition-NDS

Alloy Temperature Approximate Initial Stress to Produce Rupture in:
100 h 1000 h
- °F °C ksi Mpa ksi MPa
188 1800 982 5.4 37 2.4 17
230® 1800 982 4.9 34 2.6 18
NS-163® 1800 982 9.7 67 6.5 45

HAYNES® NS-163® alloy will become available for commercial sale upon completion of key process developments. A range of sheet thicknesses and wire diameters is now available for trial evaluations.
Please contact Ron Block at (317) 413-4876 or for more information.

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