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Haynes International, Inc. is pleased to announce the development of HAYNES® HR-224® alloy, a new alloy with excellent oxidation resistance and improved fabricability and weldability compared to HAYNES® 214® alloy. This Ni–27.5Fe–20Cr–3.8Al alloy achieves superior oxidation resistance through the formation of a tightly adherent alumina protective scale. It exhibits excellent ductility and formability characteristics, with weldability on par with nickel-iron-chromium alloys of substantially lower aluminum contents. Potential uses include applications in heat recuperators, automotive catalytic converters and heat shields, strand annealing furnace tubulars, and other severely oxidizing environments.

1,008-Hour Oxidation Resistance Preliminary Test Results

Alloy 1800°F (982°C) Static Air 1400°F (760°C) Air + 5% Water Vapor
Average Metal Affected Average Metal Affected Maximum Metal Affected
- mils µm mils µm mils µm
214® 0.2 4 0.05 1.3 0.11 2.8
HR-224® 0.2 4 0.11 2.8 0.23 5.8
230® 0.7 18 0.24 6.1 0.43 10.9

*Average Metal Affected = Metal Loss + Average Penetration; Maximum Metal Affected = Metal Loss + Maximum Internal Penetration 

Cross Sections after Exposure to 1400°F (760°C) Air + 5% Water Vapor for 1,008 Hours

HAYNES HR-224 alloy Cross Sections after Exposure

HAYNES® HR-224® Alloy Preliminary Tensile Results

Tensile Strength
°F °C ksi MPa ksi MPa %
RT RT 50 342 107 739 45
1400 760 58 401 70 481 27
RT= Room Temperature

HAYNES® HR-224® alloy will become available for commercial sale upon completion of key process developments. It is being manufactured in a variety of forms, including sheet, plate, bar, structural and weld wire, and welded tubular products. Material for trial evaluations and fabrications is available.
Please contact Dr. Keith Kruger at (765) 456-6098 or for more information.

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