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Physical Properties

Physical Property British Units Metric Units
Density RT 0.325 lb/in3 RT 9.00 g/cm3
Melting Temperature 2350-2510°F - 1290-1375°C -
Mean Coefficient of
Thermal Expansion
70-800°F 7.3 µin/in -°F 20-500°C 13.2 x 10-6m/m·°C
70-1000°F 7.4 µin/in -°F 20-600°C 13.2 x 10-6m/m·°C
70-1200°F 7.4 µin/in -°F 20-700°C 13.5 x 10-6m/m·°C
70-1400°F 7.8 µin/in -°F 20-800°C 14.2 x 10-6m/m·°C
70-1600°F 8.2 µin/in -°F 20-900°C 14.8 x 10-6m/m·°C
70-1800°F 8.4 µin/in -°F 20-1000°C 115.3 x 10-6m/m·°C
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